Program Schedule

Daily from 7:10am-8am, 1:10pm-2pm, and 7:10pm-8pm: “The Best of Charlie Evers”

Monday through Thursday from 8:10am-10am: “The Early Show” with Scott Spears

Monday from 10:10am-11am: “Mid-Morning Coffee Break” with Adam Lepp

Monday through Thursday from Noon-2pm: The Best of “Now” With Scott Spears (Talk show with listener call-ins, celebrity guests, and much more)

Monday from 4:10pm-5pm: “Voice Of A People” With Linda Sims

Tuesday from 10:10am-Noon: “WWGH Classics” featuring Famous Hosts like Gallagher and Steve “Boom Boom” Cannon + Scott’s Legendary Celebrity Interviews

Tuesday & Thursday from 2:10pm-3pm:  “The Adam The Computer Guy Show”  (Talk Tech with Your Local IT Expert. News & Views, Valuable Free Advice, Special Guests, and always a Surprise)

Tuesday from 4:10pm-5pm: “The Chat” with Linda Sims

Wednesday through Friday from 10:10am-Noon: “Scott and/or Glenn at 10″ (Talk about anything under the sun with you on the telephone)

Wednesday & Thursday from 12:10pm-1pm: “A Progressive Life” with Glenn Coble

Wednesday from 4:10pm-5pm: “Offbeat News and Trivia” with Nate Redmond

Wednesday from 5:10pm-6pm: “The Show with No Name” with Nate Redmond, Terry Tackett, and Pastor Craig Heilman

Friday from 8:10am-9am: “The Early Show” with Scott Spears

Friday from 9:10am-10am: “The Pastor’s Spot” with Steve Whitaker

Friday from 12:10pm-1pm: “The Exchange Club” with Scott Spears and Friends

Friday from 8:10pm-10pm: “Friday Night Live” with Scott Spears, Angie Evers, and Friends

Sunday from 9:10am-10am: “Study His Word” with Pastor Craig Heilman

Sunday from 12:10pm-1pm: “CCF Sunday Sermon” with Steve Whitaker

Sunday from 6:10pm-7pm:  Trinity Baptist Church Sunday Sermon