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Heaven Express

Heaven Express is an original program written and produced by Paul and Glena Savage.
It is our intent to use this format to worship God in a family-type presentation.

Glena produces a segment each week called “The Heart of the Composer”.paulglena
She shares stories about a composer or song and follows with a solo piano arrangement.
All other music and lyrics are produced by Paul and Glena.

The program includes Scriptural Truth, wisdom, humor, music, and poetry.
We also invite special Christian guests who share their particular ministry and personal
testimony regarding their walk with the Lord.

As the opening song queries…
“Is that a train I hear?
Could it be drawing near?

Could it be the Heaven Express?
If the Lord came today…
Could you say
‘I’m ready for the Heaven Express’?”

“Over Coffee” with Marge, and Nan, and Linda

“Talk of the Town” with Marge Hazalettmarge4ws

Steve Cannon

“The Exchange Club” with Scott Spears, Mary Ann Michaels, & Charlie Evers

“Voice of a People” and “The Chat” with Linda Sims

Labor Day Radiothon: September 3, 2017

“Remembering Dick Gregory: A Life that Broke All the Rules”: August 25, 2017

March on Heroin

Art The Bigfoot Man

The Marionaires Barbershop Harmony Chorus

Special Political Presentations

This Recording is Provided for Personal Listening Only.
It May Not Be Used by Candidates for Advertising or Other Promotions.

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