25 Worst Moments In Monday Night RAW History

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Let me first say that I am a WWE fan and a Monday Night RAW fan.  But with all the celebration going on regarding Monday Night RAW’s 25th Anniversary, let me rain a little on the parade.

Here are MY 25 Worst Moments In Monday Night RAW History…..

25) Lita “Marries” Kane

24) John Cena vs Michael Cole

23) Fandango

22) Fake Rosie vs Fake Donald

21) Goldberg Returns To WWE

20) Hornswoggle

19) Vince McMahon Says “The N-Word”

18) ECW Invades RAW

17) nWo Debuts On RAW

16) Randy Orton RKOs An 80 Year Old Woman

15) Hugh Jackman Confronted By Magneto

14) Wiz Khalifa “Performs” on RAW

13) Pitbull Joins The Rock

12) Vince McMahon Forces Trish Stratus To Strip

11) RAW Anonymous General Manager

10) Joey Styles “Quits” RAW

9) Vince McMahon’s Limo Explodes

8) Jeremy Piven & Ken Jeong Lollygag Through A Segment

7) Tensai Wears Lingerie & Dances

6) Mike Adamle

5) John Cena “Rapping”

4) Daniel Bryan’s “Affair”

3) JR vs John Coachman

2) “Big Baller Brand” Invades RAW

1) Triple H, Kane, Katie Vick & Necrophilia

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